Enter Studio

The StudioWelcome to the studio!  While I’ve been painting for many years – professionally since 1998 – we just recently built the studio.  It is truly a blessing to have my own special space for creating and painting.  My husband and I planned for quite a while and with the help of our builder, we entered into construction… again… we have a fantastic builder who was instrumental in the overall design.  The 1,000/sf structure was completed in March of 2005 but it took a few months to get settled enough to have the Open House party in July – while the studio was still clean.   The party was great and I look forward to somehow having another gathering at the studio for friends and clients (they are usually one-and-the-same).

 While a great deal of our work is completed off-site (in your home); designs, sketches, sample boards, murals on canvas, furniture, custom trim, floor-cloths, and accessories are completed in the studio.  Also, notice the BIG sink… that’s where we do a lot of tool and brush cleaning – it’s wonderful to have that now. 

 I would be amiss if I didn’t include a picture of my flowers, I love flowers.  Each year I seem to plant more than the previous year, and in the Fall I plant hundreds of tulip bulbs (nasty weather and all) so that in the Spring I can smile over the beauty of the tulips and the promise of the warm weather to follow.

 I welcome visitors - a heads-up is appreciated – just to make sure I’m there!