Gina’s youthful desire to be an artist was supported by her parents who enrolled her in private art instruction at the age of 12. This was due to her lack of musical talent. After three years of attempting to master the piano, her instructor didn’t attempt to persuade her to continue when Gina announced that she was quitting piano to become an artist.

Gina continued her art instruction both during and after high school. However, Midwestern practicality dictated that a BS degree, banking career, marriage and two sons would suit Gina for a number of years. Rather than a degree in fine art, Gina earned a BS in Business Management (Suma Cum Laude) from Defiance College and completed The Graduate School of Banking at the University of Colorado. 

Always yearning for creativity, she never gave up hope to return to her love of painting. The opportunity arose in 1997 when Gina re-married and went on an indefinite banking sabbatical -- never to return. It was while building their new home that Gina was able to once again create with paint. Encouraged by her builder and designer, she was launched into the career she was meant to have.

Wolfrum continues to study under master artisans throughout the United States, including Master Faux Artisan, Martin Alan Hirsch of Decorative Finishes Studio's Faux Finish School and Melanie Royals of Royal Design Studio.     In July 2005 Gina trained under artist Michael MacNeil, Freeman of the Worshipful Painters of England, an internationally celebrated master marble and wood grainer.   Gina is a member of the Decorative Painters Society and the Stencil Artisans League International and is a Moderator for the MuralsPlus faux finish web forum.

Currently, Gina’s work is published in the Modello Design catalog and website and has appeared in the Faux Effects World magazine and the Artistic Stenciler magazine.  In addition to these publications, Gina has been featured on television, specifically for murals produced for the Defiance Regional Medical Center.